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Calvino novels

9 Gold Bullets
Twelfth in the series

9 Gold Bullets
ISBN 978-616-90393-7-2
Paperback 5" - 7 3/4"
2011, 365 pages


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A priceless collection of 9 gold bullet coins issued during the Reign of Rama V has gone missing along with a Thai coin collector. Local police find a link between the missing Thai coins and Calvino's childhood friend, Josh Stein, who happens to be in Bangkok on an errand for his new Russian client. This old friend and his personal and business entanglements with the Russian underworld take Calvino back to New York, along with Pratt.

The gritty, dark vision of 9 Gold Bullets is tracked through the eyes of a Thai cop operating on a foreign turf, and a private eye expatriated long enough to find himself a stranger in his hometown. As the intrigue behind the missing coins moves between New York andBangkok, and the levels of deception increase, Calvino discovers the true nature of friendship and where he belongs.



Moore consistently manages to entertain without having to resort to melodramatics. The most compelling feature of his ongoing Calvino saga, in my view, is the symbiotic relationship between the American protagonist and his Thai friends, who have evolved with the series. The friendships are sometimes strained along cultural stress lines, but they endure, and the Thai characters' supporting roles are very effective in helping keep the narratives interesting and plausible.
Japan Times

Vinny does it again!.
Bangkok Post

Moore is a master at leading the reader on to what 'should' be the finale, but then you find it isn't... Worth waiting for... However, do not start reading until you have a few hours to spare.
Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail

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