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Winner of 2004 German Critics Award for International Crime Fiction
(Deutsche Krimi Preis)
Winner of 2007 Premier Special Director’s Award Semana Negra (Spain)
(Zero Hour in Phnom Penh)
Winner of 2011 Shamus Award for Best Original Paperback (Asia Hand)

Moore’s Vincent Calvino is listed among “100 Eyes of Mystery Scene Era” published in the 100th issue of Mystery Scene Magazine

“Christopher G Moore's Vincent Calvino series is not only a fine collection of finely calibrated mysteries, it's also a chronicle of major upheavals - political, criminal, pathological and even psychosexual - that have rocked Southeast Asia over the last two decades.”
—Jim Algie, The Nation

“Moore's Vincent Calvino novels ... are crisp, atmospheric entertainments set in a noirish Bangkok.”

“Think Dashiell Hammett in Bangkok.”
The San Francisco Chronicle

“Vincent Calvino is one of the most notable detectives of modern crime literature.”
—Harmut Wilmes, Klönische Rundschau

“Vincent Calvino is a terrific character who could only have been drafted into action by a terrific writer.”
—T. Jefferson Parker, author of L.A. Outlaws.

“The Vincent Calvino series belongs on every Asian crime list.”

“Every big city has its fictional detective; and Bangkok’s is Vincent Calvino.”
Bangkok 101

“A vivid sense of place ... the city of Bangkok, with its chaos and mystery, is almost another character. Recommened.”
Library Journal

“I have come late to Christopher Moore's PI novels featuring Vincent Calvino. And that's been my loss.... Calvino is the hard-boiled successor of Philip Marlowe, a damaged, beaten-down but never beaten protagonist who doesn't know when to quit. The Bangkok he inhabits is full of life, corruption and broken dreams. Moore drags you in to experience all of it.... His writing recalls the gritty noir of Chandler and the intrigue of Le Carre with a dry humour thrown in.”
—Chris Bilkey, Crime Buzz

“Moore is a stylist much like the writers of the early to mid-20th century who kick-started the P.I. genre in America. He writes with the angry and sad voice of Ross Macdonald and the flow of and beauty of Raymond Chandler. Penning his books in the third-person, he uses allegory and symbolism to great effect. The Calvino series is distinctive and wonderful, not to be missed, and I’m pleased to see that it is finally becoming better known in the States.”
—Cameron Hughes, The Rap Sheet

“Moore’s work recalls the international ‘entertainments’ of Graham Greene or John le Carré, but the hard-bitten worldview and the cynical, bruised idealism of his battered hero is right out of Chandler. Intelligent and articulate, Moore offers a rich, passionate and original take on the private eye game, fans of the genre should definitely investigate, and fans of foreign intrigue will definitely appreciate.”
—Kevin Burton Smith, January Magazine

“Vincent Calvino, the Thailand-based reincarnation of private eye Sam Spade.”

“A worthy example of a serial character, Vincent Calvino is human and convincing.”
Thriller Magazine (Italy)

“Vincent Calvino is at once in the finest tradition of the lone private detective and a complete original.”
—Matt Beynon Rees, author of The Samaritan’s Secret

“Calvino is a wonderful private detective figure! Consistent action, masterful language ... and Anglo-Saxon humor at its best.”
Deutschland Radio

“The hard bitten detective is real, and grittily impressive.... Unlike many other fictional detectives, he doesn’t play in the manicured imagination of an armchair novelist. He’s real.”
—Tarun Cherian, Deccan Herald (India)

“If there’s a new book by Christopher G. Moore, the Bangkok-based Canadian author, I’ll read that, particularly if it’s a Calvino private eye one. His novels, set among louche expatriates in a semi-criminal nocturnal demi-monde, managed to put Bangkok into a context for me when I was spending time in S.E. Asia. He leads you into hidden establishments and constructs, some palatial, some mean hovels in hidden side-streets, to which only a cat could find its way and that by accident.”
Peter Stark,Quarterly Review

“Chris Moore’s series of private-eye tales set in the full mysterious splendor of bubbling Bangkok, Thailand, remind us anew of how much meaning we miss out on when we don’t worship true artists. Underneath Bangkok society is a deeply encrusted demiworld of hope, despair, corruption and courage that Moore … paints with maestrolike Dickensian strokes.”
—Thomas Plate, The Seattle Times

“Navigating Bangkok’s dark sidestreets and myriad underground cultures requires keen insight as well as the courage to look at corruption but see the hope that lies beneath. Vincent Calvino, a disbarred American lawyer turned PI, has been doing that for years as Christopher G. Moore shows in his award-winning series.”
—Oline H. Cogdill, Mystery Scene Magazine

“Globally acclaimed, Moore’s neo-noir series [is] as much about the clash of cultures and mindsets as crime.”
Bangkok 101

“It’s easy to see why Moore’s books are popular: While seasoned with a spicy mixture of humor and realism, they stand out as model studies in East-West encounters, as satisfying for their cultural insights as they are for their hardboiled action.”
—Mark Schreiber, The Japan Times

“Although they are fiction, the Vincent Calvino novels record the main events that have rocked the history of Thailand’s capital. Moore’s insights into the Thai society, economy and politics make the Calvino series a valuable radiography of what Bangkok looks like through the detached eyes of an expat living in Thailand.”
Voicu Mihnea Simandan

“For those who like their mysteries dark and steamy, Christopher G. Moore’s Vincent Calvino suspense series is a must read. Told from the point of view of an expat New Yorker turned Bangkok private eye, Moore’s novels take you into the bowels of Southeast Asia, where life is cheap, greed is the norm, sex underpins even the most casual relationships, and nothing—nothing—is ever what it appears to be at first glance.”
—Shamus and Arthur Ellis Nominee Joseph Louis, author of Madelaine and other mysteries

“Fans of fast-paced detective fiction can enjoy a familiar Asian backdrop to murder, skullduggery, and espionage. Like the too-human detectives of popular fiction, Vincent Calvino is a likeable mercenary, a New York lawyer who’s given up practice to turn P.I. in the labyrinth of South-East Asian politics, double-dealing and fleeting relationships. Expect to be entertained as well as gain an insight into an expat perception of life.”
NTUC Lifestyle (Singapore)


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