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Calvino novels

Fifteenth in the series

Missing in Rangoon
ISBN 978-616-7503-32-5
Paperback 5" - 7 3/4"
2015, 406 pages

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In Crackdown visual art becomes a powerful take down tool to push back against the oligarchs. People adjust to the surveillance state and its agents who are emergent forces. Post-coup Thailand is the setting as high tech competes with traditional power in a battle for hearts and minds. It is a noir landscape where Calvino finds himself ambushed as casualties from this battle leave behind a mystery or two. Calvino enters a world of ancient maps, political graffiti, student protestors and murder. The finger points at Calvino as the killer. He searches for allies who will help him prove his innocence.



Crackdown is a superb novel and a wonderful read.
The Life Style Detective

This carefully crafted politically-aware crime novel ... set in Bangkok during post-coup military rule ... is a book of symbols. [Crackdown] is a book of dusty maps and edgy political graffiti. A book of warnings, predictions; a well plotted social document.
—James Newman, Author of the Joe Dylan Private Investigator Noir Crime Series

Christopher G. Moore’s freewheeling intelligence roams over the manifold aspects of modern life, from the 2014 coup to high-tech crime surveillance, map-making, and radical street art. The sum total infuses his latest novel, Crackdown, with a richer palette of colors than the endless black and grainy bleakness of so many other noir tales.
—Jim Algie, Bangkok 101

One reason that the Vinnie Calvino series is so popular is that the characters are described in such detail that the reader can almost ‘see’ them, and then by placing these characters in real life places ... it all adds to the realism. After all the previous Calvino novels I have read, I can visualize Calvino, scars and all. He is a PI who bleeds, physically and emotionally.
Pattaya Mail


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