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Calvino novels

The Risk of Infidelity Index
Ninth in the series

The Risk of Infidelity Index
ISBN 978-974-88168-7-6
Trade paperback 6" - 9 1/4"
2007, 324 pages


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Major political demonstrations are rocking Bangkok. Chaos and fear sweep through the Thai and expatriate communities. Calvino steps into the political firestorm as he investigates a drug piracy operation. The piracy is traced to a powerful business interest protected by important political connections. A nineteen-year-old Thai woman and a middle-age lawyer end up dead on the same evening. Both are connected to Calvino’s investigation. The dead lawyer’s law firm denies any knowledge of the case. Calvino is left in the cold. Approached by a group of expat housewives-—rattled by The Risk of Infidelity Index that ranks Bangkok number one for available sexual temptations—to investigate their husbands, Calvino discovers the alliance of forces blocking his effort to disclose the secret pirate drug investigation.



Christopher G. Moore has endless ways of describing Thailand and Bangkok in particular. Picture yourself inside a coconut shell and being either a spider or frog. What do you do as a frog if you are accused of murder? Or how do you eliminate an enemy if you are a spider? Let the professorial master of the Thai psyche give you a multitude of clever, nefarious and deadly lessons. You might just come away with a PhD in Asia Hand (opposing colors).

After having spent more than 20 years in Thailand Mr. Moore has not only refreshed my memory but introduced astonishing tidbits that are very useful in everyday life here. This is a must read for a noob about to visit! It will save you much face and money.

What makes a man? Mr. Moore gives a penetrating answer that is discovered in detective Vincent Calvino’s current predicament and his family’s history on both sides. Colonel Pratt may be the Shakespeare scholar, but Vinny proves he has the depth, courage and compassion to be a man should strive to be. The path can be very dangerous.

This is not a political advertisment, but I support the author and his character Vincent Calvino.
—Carl Anduze



Read this novel. Like the Thai world, it has constructed a sophisticated structure, which delivers great intellectual and emotional pleasure with insight into the death and survival of farangs in Thailand.
Arte, Tobias Gohlis

The Infidelity Index" is complex, rich, cynical and brutal in a fascinating way - sort of a "dirty win". But what is true for a private investigation is also true for a thriller. Fantastic "hard boiled" adventure.
1 Live

Moore's flashy style successfully captures the dizzying contradictions in [Bangkok’s] vertiginous landscape.
Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

Flashy private-eye mystery.
The New York Times

Think Dashiell Hammett in Bangkok. A hard-boiled, street-smart, often hilarious pursuit of a double murderer.
The San Francisco Chronicle

Humorous and intelligent . . . a great introduction to the seamy side of Bangkok.
—Carla Mckay, The Daily Mail

The real star of the book is Bangkok.
—Susanna Yager, The Daily Telegraph

Can Moore write and is he worth reading? On the evidence of [The Risk of Infidelity Index], the answers are unequivocally yes.
—Peter Whittaker, Tribune Magazine (UK)

The book’s loving evocation of the Thai atmosphere adds a glorious new locale to the detective genre’s geography, rendered with a master’s hand.
—Jim Feast, Evergreen Review

Christopher G Moore has long been a big name in crime for his Vincent Calvino books, based on the exploits of an American private eye in Thailand's seedy underbelly.
—Jonathan Gibbs, The Independent

There's plenty of violent action . . . memorable low-life characters . . . the real star of the book is Bangkok.
—Telegraph (London)

The Risk of Infidelity Index is taut, spooky, intelligent, and beautifully written. Vincent Calvino is a terrific character who could only have been drafted into action by a terrific writer.
—T.Jefferson Parker, author of L.A. Outlaws.

Grim, violent, and saturated in details of Bangkok’s underworld.
The Boston Globe

The Risk of Infidelity Index is a complex, violent, and high readable thriller.
—One80 News (UK)

The faint whiff of misogyny/xenophobia one senses is just part of Moore's pitch-perfect Bangkok, from its churning after-hours melee of insistent yings to its hard-drinking farangs (foreigners), to the scary duplicity behind the ever-present Thai smile.
—P.G. KOCH, Houston Chronicle

Chris Moore's series of private-eye tales set in the full mysterious splendor of bubbling Bangkok, Thailand, remind us anew of how much meaning we miss out on when we don't worship true artists. Underneath Bangkok society is a deeply encrusted demiworld of hope, despair, corruption and courage that Moore, an American-born writer who has lived there for almost 20 years, paints with maestrolike Dickensian strokes.
Thomas Plate, The Seattle Times

A complex, intelligent novel.—Publishers’ Weekly

The darkly raffish Bangkok milieu is a treat.—Kirkus Review

Moore not only has written a chilling and fast-paced mystery, but the author also provides an honest description of the local landscape and social underworld of Bangkok, as Calvino and his friend Colonel Pratt desperately try to solve the mysteries before they are permanently retired by the powers that be in government and in the gangs.Paul Anik, I Love a Mystery

The Risk of Infidelity Index [is] festooned with memorable characters and a solid plot. Moore probes the country's dark side to new depths. . . . ‘Infidelity’ stays focused on crime and detection, in a tightly written narrative . . . a satisfying read.
Mark Schreiber, The Japan Times

A crime thriller as fine as any in this series…a compelling, page turner…
—Pattaya People Weekly, Richard Ravensdale

exciting, enthralling and entertaining writing.
—Pattaya Mail

…this book shows that Chris Moore is at the top of his form.
—Bangkok Post

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