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Calvino novels

The Vincent Calvino Reader's Guide
The Laws, Worldview, and Books

The Vincent Calvino Reader's Guide
ISBN 978-616-90393-4-1
Size 9.2 x 14 cm.
2010, 176 pages


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Kindle $1.99

The Vincent Calvino Novels

Since Spirit House was published in 1992, the Vincent Calvino series has enjoyed international acclaim and an ever-expanding readership in twelve languages. The Vincent Calvino novels, with the Bangkok noir settings, are known for their cultural insights into the Thai/Asian societies.

Calvino’s Laws explore the human psyche streched along the East-West divide. All of the laws drawn from the eleven Calvino novels are organized in categories, such as Laws of Gumshoe Investigation, Laws of Bargirls and Nightlife, Laws of the World of Expats, Laws of Aggression and Violence.

Christopher G. Moore provides an overview of Calvino’s worldview and discusses the creative forces that over the years have shaped this popular series.

Also included are several essays that transport the reader inside the life and times of Vincent Calvino, the private eye, who continues to work the mean streets of Bangkok.


‘Calvino’s Law’s’ in the novels and quoted in this new book have transformed into ‘guides to survival in an underworld’ a gift to you the reader, from the fictional character, a working expat who has learnt the ropes, and so passes on his knowledge of cultural landmines and common mistakes. . . . There is entertaining advice and insights into a major SE Asia based writer’s craft and motives.
Richard Ravensdale, Pattaya Trader

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