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Calvino novels

Vincent Calvino’s World (A Noir Guide to Southeast Asia)
By Chad A. Evans

Missing in Rangoon
ISBN 978-616-7503-33-2
Paperback 5" - 7 3/4"
2015, 278 pages

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Chad Evans shows Christopher G. Moore to be a writer of great precision, imagination, conviction and above all, knowledge. It is a timely tribute to an important writer and to his most memorable character, a political and social history spanning 25 years of Southeast Asia. Vincent Calvino’s World will become an indispensable resource for Moore’s fans and for anyone who wants a deeper insight into Calvino’s world in Southeast Asia in a time of vast change. Through the prism of a crime fiction, the Calvino novels explore the dimensions of knowledge, law, culture, philosophy and history. In Evan’s journey through the Vincent Calvino series, he has provided a vision of the future role of literary crime fiction—to decode a time, place and people.



Vincent Calvino’s World is equally entertaining and educational, a perfect pitch noir guide to Southeast Asia… Both the author Chad Evans and the creator of the fictional private detective Vincent Calvino have taken life and characters and arrested motion taking place over three decades in multiple and different ways… What a treat it is to read.
—Kevin Cummings, People Things Literature

I really like Vincent Calvino's World. It is good, very good. It takes some time to read in order to absorb it well, and it is a book I will read again. Oh, and an amazing point is that at the end of the book Chad Evans said that (at least before the book came out), he had never met or talked to Christopher G. Moore. Amazing..
—M.H. (Amazon Reviewer)


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