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Vincent Calvino Arts and Fashion

I was invited to the first Buenos Aries Noir festival June 9th through 18th. I made a number of friends. One of them was an old friend from Semana Negra (2007), a Mexican novelist and graphic artist named Bef (Bernardo Fernándezbrigada). Bef made this sketch in Buenos Aries.

If you want to try uncap your own artistic vision of Vincent Calvino, please send me a jpeg and I will add it to this page.

@Bernardo Fernándezbrigada


Calvino creator and his gang of pooches, drawn by fellow novelist Colin Cotterill.

@Colin Cotterill


Portrait of Christopher G Moore by Chris Coles.

@Chris Coles


If you've read all of the Calvino novels, are you ready for the next step? The Vincent Calvino wardrobe for your wife or girlfriend. Yes, someone has created a clothing line for the Vincent Calvino best dressed woman. Check it out.



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